July 29, 2019

Prindeys-Dooinnalys B: Secrets

The gang hangs out with Roland and discovers some interesting hidden things in their sweet suite.

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This excerpt gives a little background on what a chicken dance is and is taken from The Prescott Pow Wow website:

"The Chicken Dance originates from the Northern Plains tribes. It has only become popular recently in the Pow-Wow arenas throughout the United States. Chicken Dancers will imitate the mating dance of the prairie chicken by rocking their heads back and forth as if they were pecking at the ground as they spin from side to side in slow majestic movements. Regalia belonging to the Chicken Dance are usually a porcupine hair roach and two long pheasant tail feathers that curl backwards with colored plumes on the end. Traditional dress for the typical Chicken Dancer is very minimalistic. Popular are black colored tight shirts and leggings with a drape covering the chest and back. The fringe for a Chicken Dancer is very short unlike that of a Grass Dancer or Traditional Dancer.  The bustle of the Chicken Dancer is small in comparison to that of the Traditional Dancer in that it only uses small pheasant or eagle feathers circling the outside of the bustle board with bunches of small loose feathers or plumes in the center. Bells and sheep or goat skins adorn the dancer’s ankles. Moccasins can be either fully beaded or simplistic in nature. Some dancers choose to wear arm bustles and most will use the typical beaded wrist cuff. Hand carrying items include a mirror board or a gourd in one hand and an eagle tail feather fan in the other."  

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