The gang meets up with Death Saves and heads back into the Mysterious Maze to find more clues!  See what is in store for Dreamlancer!

June 29, 2020

Bakersfield B: Maze

Dreamlancer gets into the heart of the mystery with the help of a new companion.

June 22, 2020

Bakersfield A: Peck

The gang heads into a new town to find out that they can record a hit single... if only the shipment of goods had shown up on time!  Find out how they handle this unfortunate turn of events!

June 15, 2020

Augustown D: Bone Eater

The gang handles the business about the Bone Eater with Toigle, and then plays in the battle of the bands.  Tune in to find out if they won or not!

The gang searches for the missing laser harp all over town, questioning anybody who may be in the know.  Antics ensue.

The gang gets moving trying to enter the battle of the bands, but runs into a hitch finding somebody in the town to enter with them.  They track down a Laser Harp player, but find that he's missing his harp.  So off they go trying to solve the mystery.

A new band of bards sets out on a brand new adventure from the small town of Aught-Aught.  See what Windy, Staph, and that firbolg with no name do to get a show together.

The gang finishes up the 3rd Season of Bardic Mystery Tour.  After an epic battle with Lady Viya, Antler Mayhem clears their name and play 4 whole songs to the whole city!

April 27, 2020

Yasagaro Castle C: Dragon

The gang finds out who the mystery woman is before they finally fight a dragon.  A door puzzle holds up Antler Mayhem as they chase down their prime adversary.


The gang gets onto the grounds of the Yasagaro estate and searches for clues before heading into the manor and being confronted with a mysterious person.

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