A new band of bards sets out on a brand new adventure from the small town of Aught-Aught.  See what Windy, Staph, and that firbolg with no name do to get a show together.


The gang finishes up the 3rd Season of Bardic Mystery Tour.  After an epic battle with Lady Viya, Antler Mayhem clears their name and play 4 whole songs to the whole city!

April 27, 2020

Yasagaro Castle C: Dragon

The gang finds out who the mystery woman is before they finally fight a dragon.  A door puzzle holds up Antler Mayhem as they chase down their prime adversary.


The gang gets onto the grounds of the Yasagaro estate and searches for clues before heading into the manor and being confronted with a mysterious person.



April 13, 2020

Yasagaro Castle A: Escape

The gang is awaiting trial in the brig when all crap breaks loose!  They find themselves escaping prison in order to clear their good names!

The gang meets up in the Ethereal Plane and looks for a way to save their young ward and escape back home before dinner!


Flo and Grungo search for Sammy, and then we find out what Sammy has been up to this whole time.



The gang tries to find Xeda's missing bunny rabbit, Fluffy.  They search the house high and low, and discover something interesting in the playroom involving a chest.


The gang takes on a new assignment in order to book a venue.  They must babysit a young girl.  She's missing her stuffed bunny, and the gang has to get busy finding it.

March 9, 2020

Westgate D: Domination

The gang chases down that crazy illithid thri-keen and makes him answer for his crimes.  They find out what motivations he had behind luring them to the Asylum.

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